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Canary Islands Chapter, NSDAR

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Canary Islands Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR), located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was organized on April 5, 2021. Despite organizing at the height of a global pandemic, the chapter and its members are thriving and motivated to grow.

Our theme, “Strength Through Diversity,” represents the diverse collection of American Revolutionary War Patriots, including Spanish and French settlers, Native Americans, and African Americans, who successfully destroyed the British occupation of Baton Rouge and eliminated access to the Mississippi River during the war.

The Canary Islands Chapter, NSDAR, was founded to pay homage to the role Spain played in leading the American Colonists during the American Revolutionary War. Louisiana, a Spanish colony during the time of the American Revolution, was governed by Bernardo de Galvez. The Galvez Expedition, which included their ally, France, recruited Spanish troops from the Canary Islands to help protect the Spanish colony, particularly the New Orleans area and, most importantly, ports along the Mississippi River. Called Isleños, these militiamen participated in three major successful military campaigns: Manchac and Baton Rouge (1779), Mobile (1780), and Pensacola (1781).

Many of our chapter members are female descendants of these heroic Canary Islanders, who brought with them their unique identity, language, and culture to the regions north and south of New Orleans that still exist today. We invite all women whose ancestor helped to secure American independence to join our growing chapter.

Chapter members are especially involved in American patriotism, history, women’s issues, support and recognition for veterans and the homeless, as well as education and literacy.

Our chapter holds meetings on the first Tuesday of the month. Click here to contact the chapter for more information.

Photos courtesy of chapter members.

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