Pelican Chapter

Located in Shreveport, LA   
Chapter Meetings-  First Tuesday of the month
Meeting Time- 2:00pm

Pelican Chapter was organized June 12, 1908, at the home of Mrs. John McCullough. The first officers were Mrs. J.M. Foster, Regent; Mrs. Peter Youree, Vice Regent; Mrs. John Hutchinson, Secretary; Mrs. Mary Field, Treasurer; Mrs. R.I. Mayfield, Registrar; Mrs. Mattie H. Williams, Historian. At the first regular meeting on October 7, 1908, the name of the chapter, Pelican, was adopted in honor of Louisiana's state emblem, and the magnolia was chosen as the chapter flower. It was decided the chapter motto would be "I Live and Die for Those I Love”

Chapter Activities include: 
Hosting a reception at the Federal courthouse for naturalized citizens

Hosting a y early reception at VA hospital
Preparing goody bags for female veterans
Sending cards to Medal of Honors recipients
Participating in National Art Project to honor our patriots

Promoting historic preservation projects

Promote Constitution Week in area schools
Award Good Citizen Award to a local student

Pelican chapter members enjoy working together on hands-on- projects. We actively support local veteran groups by participating in a food pantry for homeless veterans. We support our local libraries and little libraries. We support teachers and schools. We strongly support patriotic activities and proudly wave the flag. Our conservation efforts include sending seeds to settlement schools.